Agil Wala 2:2 Female (2019/20)

[Agil = Red cedar (Erythroxylum monogynum), Wala = Waterhole]

Agil Wala 2:2 female was first photographed as a few months old cub at Agil Wala area of Medha Paara in February 2020 with her brother Agil Wala 2:2 male and mother Modhara Gala 2:3 female.

They were not recorded for few months until October 2020. Unlike her brother, this female is very shy and always avoids vehicles. In January 2021 there was an interesting encounter of this female that she was seen at Modhara Gala with another adult female, Y Junction 2:2 female 2.

This female has been seen in areas of Ehelagas Wala, Agil Wala, Kotabadi Wewa, Pan Wala,  Thalgasmankada, Darshana Wewa Junction, and Modhara gala.


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Leopard Trails Female