Galalukada Wewa 3:2 Male (2017)

[Wewa = tank/reservoir]

Galalukada Wewa 3:2 male was born in mid-2017 near the Galalukada Wewa area with his brother, the Galalukada Wewa 3:3 male. Their mother is the Galalukada Wewa 3:3 female, who has a shy personality. They have been sighted around the areas of Galalukada Wewa, Pemdas Alley, Sathmaga, Sath Vila, and New Road.

This male started to explore new areas by early 2019. Occasionally, he was seen around Pemdas Vila, Mōdharagala, Darshana Wewa, and New Road. He was seen with the Y – Junction 2:2 female 2 at Mōdharagala and with Ali Gala 4:3 female at Pemdas Vila in early 2019.

In May 2019, he was seen near the New Road. After that sighting, there were no confirmed sightings of this male.




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