Pan Wala 3:3 Male (2017)

[Pan = Bulrush plants, Wala = waterhole]

Pan Wala 3:3 male was born in mid-2017, with his brother, the Pan Wala 2:2 male, around Kotābendi Wewa. Their mother is the Kotābendi Wewa 1:2 female.

They have been seen and photographed at Thalgasmankda, Pan Wala, Kotābendi Wewa, Komā Wewa, and Ehela Wala in Medha Pāra.

By March 2019, his brother, the Pan Wala 2:2 male separated from their mother. He on the other hand decided to stay for another few months with his mother. In early June 2019, this male was seen at Komā Wewa, while his mother, the Kotābendi 1:2 female was observed mating with the dominant Medha Pāra 2:3 male.

Later in June 2019, the Pan Wala 3:3 male arrived at Suduwelimulla (The same area where his brother arrived in April).

Unfortunately, in August 2019, he was found dead at Mayila Wala in Medha Pāra. Before his death, he was seen with a kill and in the presence of another leopard. The cause of the death was ruled as an attack by another leopard.



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