Thelambu Kema 2:2 Female (2019)

[Thelambu = Java olive tree/Wild almond tree (Sterculia foetida) , Kema = natural water pool on a rock]

This female cub was first sighted at Thelambu Kema in early June 2019, with her mother, the Thelabu Kema 3:3 female, as a 2/3 months old cub. Again July in 2019, this cub was seen by herself, around the same area. She showed to be quite outgoing even at that time.

In 2020, she was seen around Thelambu Kema, Tanki Gala, Weli Āra, Jamburagala Road and Mahseelāwa. With time she grew to a bold female leopard. She has relatively a large body for a young female.



Leopard Trails Female