Thelambu Kema 3:3 Female (2009)

[Thelambu = Java olive tree/Wild almond tree (Sterculia foetida), Kema = natural water pool on a rock]

Thelambu Kema 3:3 female was first photographed in February 2010, at the Jamburagala Road as a cub, aged at about 7/8 months.

In 2017, she was frequently seen around Thelambu Kema. The same year she had her first known litter of a male cub, known as the Thelambu Kema 3:4 male. In June 2019, she was seen with her new cub, the Thelambu Kema 2:2 female.

She has been photographed around the areas of Kotigala, Mahaseelawa, Kudāseelawa, Thelambu Kema, and Jamburagala Road.



Leopard Trails Female

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